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About us

The Reconquest

Are you able to tell the events of the day in Sardinian? Or, if you can’t, do you even understand your friends’ stories? Or are you one of those Sardinians who, despite being born and raised in Sardinia, do not speak or understand the language? According to your answer we will prescribe a personalized recipe to regain the Sardinian language.

SardoXSardi will also tell you how many hours you will have to work to reactivate a language that you have let sleep in your brain. You will discover later why all the books for teaching and learning the Sardinian language will be free, and why Sardinian is good for children and will supplement our salary without stress. Finally we will develop a global strategy for the reconquest of the Sardinian language through the widespread infiltration of the Sardinian Land.

Let’s not delude ourselves. Without a colossal effort by all Sardinians, our language with its very rich dialects and subdialects will be, even before the end of the century, the white bear of the Mediterranean: extinct, mourned, and finally forgotten.…

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